Friday, 30 September 2016


I've had this sitting on my makeup shelves for a few months now but since doing my review on the most talked about mask of the moment, the bubble mask, I felt I needed to give my lonely Korean beauty items that have been neglected a go. This little guy looks adorable, and looks too cute sitting on my bedside table. I'm a sucker for Korean products mainly because of their enticingly cute packaging! The adorable packaging aside, the product has as many hits as it does misses. I can't let the cute exterior sway my judgement, although it easily could! 
This is my second pot of this after giving my first one away, and after seeing pictures of it again on the web, I wanted it back on my shelf! After testing it out again, I now know why I never reach for it. It's a creamy gel consistency which I really like, and it has a bold floral scent which I also surprisingly liked. When rubbed into the skin, it's really, really strange. A little goes a long way, and it takes some work getting into the skin. Because it leaves a white cast on the skin it can appear streaky if it's not buffed in well enough. Because I'm so pale, this really evened out my skin tone, but anyone with darker skin, this could give a white cast making you look a little ghostly.
I'm unsure if this is made to use alone. as by itself it makes me look ill. However, as a makeup base I really like it. It evens out my skin for a perfect base for foundation. As nice as it is as a base, it doesn't give extra longevity to my makeup, so I'll probably still reach for a primer to really fill my pores for a flawless finish, unlike this product.
The unique thing about this product is the finish it gives and it really makes my foundation glow once applied on top. Unfortunately because it takes a while to blend into the skin and isn't a quick application for me, I don't think I'll be using this as much as I'd like. Is it shallow of me to want to make this work just because of the cute panda? I'll continue to give this a go but I don't think I'm going to change my mind on it - But it has happened before!

You can grab this from Yes Style
here for £10.
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