Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I go through mascaras like crazy, and try to get a new one every two months just so I'm sure that I'm not using a mascara that's possibly a little past its life. I spotted this Milani mascara in TKMaxx for an inexpensive £3.99, so I couldn't pass it up. It wasn't just the price that got me, but more the crazy looking applicator brush. As cool as the brush looks, does it live up to how cool it looks? Unfortunately not as much as I thought. It's an okay mascara with both it's hits and misses, but for £3.99 it's a pretty decent mascara.
Firstly, let's see what the mascara claims, and then I'll break it down into the pros and cons. The brush is divided into three sections, the green defines, the white builds the lashes and the purple separates and combs the lashes. It also claims to be non-clumping, long lasting and comfortable. And here is the quick breakdown of what I thought.

- The purple part of the brush separates the lashes beautifully and fans them out.
- It doesn't flake! One thing I hate about some mascaras is looking into a mirror during the day and seeing bits of mascara over my cheeks. This doesn't do that, which is great!
- It's comfy. Like it suggests, I can hadly feel it on my lashes, which is great for days I don't want to wear much makeup.
- It looks lovely on my bottom lashes.
- The packing is big and sturdy, which I like.

- I'm not a fan of the white/purple part of the brush. If it wasn't for the purple comb part this wasn't grab my lashes as I like a mascara to grab.
- It doesn't hold a curl like I would like it to. It's not terrible as there's still some life to the lashes, but they did flop throughout wear.
- The applicator is very fiddly. You need to brush over the whole lash then turn it around for the purple part to comb your lashes through. A bit of a hassle.
- It's time consuming. Because of the faff you have to do with the application, it's not for girls on the go.
The picture above shows around 5 minutes after application.

Overall, it's an okay mascara. I won't be jumping to grab another one when this runs out, in fact I'm probably just going to use this on my bottom lashes. I need a mascara that holds a curl as I love curly lashes, and if it doesn't do that, I'm not going to be a huge fan. The '3 zone' applicator is a bit gimmicky and there's plenty on the market that are far better for a little bit more money. For £3.99 it's not a terrible mascara, and I've tried worse that are twice as expensive, so I'm not totally bummed out. 

If you're wanting to try this,
I picked mine up for £3.99 from TKMaxx.
However it's available online at various websites.
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