Friday, 11 November 2016


I'm not afraid to say that I sweat, and I sweat a lot. I have always found it difficult to find a deodorant that 100000% works and something that I can fully rely on. At university I studied Musical Theatre, so I was always dancing and always conscious of how much I sweat. I'd always wear black leotards and on nights out I'd gravitate towards dark dresses or lose clothing - It controlled more of what I wore than I realised.
My housemate at the time, Chloe, introduced me to various deodorants and I soon realised that it wasn't just me that overly sweat - but in fact the majority of women. I'd only try certain deodorants on recommendation, and I feel that it's not popularly talked about. So with that said, I'm going to try as many different deodorants as I can over November and December, and see which high street brand comes up top. I'll keep each product review short and informative - as at the end of the day there's not really much you want from a deodorant other than freshness and dryness with the possible bonus of no white marks. So without further ado, let's get stuck in.
Today's review welcomes Mitchum Ultimate Gel. What instantly grabbed my attention was the 'NO WHITE MARKS' across the top of the cap, which is a problem I have with most deodorants. The product is easy to use, dispenses nicely with an even amount, and smells pleasant. It states that it's a powder scent, but I don't think it's that noticeable which I quite like. 

No white marks!
Nice scent
57g of product
Smooth feel

Had to keep topped up
Didn't stay fresh
Not the 48 hours it claims
Still rather sweaty

I love that this glides on the skin easily, leaving a velvet like feel. I also loved the fact that it gave no white marks which is amazing for a little black dress, but I found after a few hours I'd begin to smell and my armpits felt uncomfortable and damp - Leaving wet marks on my pink work uniform. Sometimes I'd put it on, power walk to work with the fear of being late and come into work with obvious wet marks on my uniform - Not cute. It took around 2-3 hours to start typically smelling of sweat, and for that reason I was topping up my armpits with this to avoid that, which I couldn't, and eventually gave up using this all together. I hoped maybe it'd last a little longer so I can wear this on nights out, but for my body, this is no way the 48 hours it claims, it barely lasts a few hours. If you're not a sweaty Betty like me and like your deodorants to be white mark free, this is brilliant for that. Another plus is that it has 57g of product, which is a lot compared to other stick form deodorants that I have to review. I really wanted to love this so bad, but it let me down. Maybe next time, Mitchum.

You can grab this from Boots for £4.99 here.
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