Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I woke up at a stupid time to do a last minute Halloween look for work. As it was last minute, I had to work with what I had. With a little more prep time I'd like to revisit this look so it's cleaner and flawless, but for work it did the job and many people were pretty freaked out! I used Clown White by Snazaroo over one half of my face for the white base. I always have this lying around as in my Musical Theatre days this was the to go to white face paint. I then used a black eyeliner pencil for any dark areas and cleaned it up with a wet liner brush and wet black eyeshadow. Then I used a black eyeshadow and blending brush for the shaded areas. I had annoyingly run out of my Blacktrack pot liner by Mac, and had no other black face paints or super pigmented black creams around, so I wasn't able to get it as dark as I had wanted! I also had to nose wax or glue stick to completely blank out my brows, so I had to improvise with PVA glue. I completed the look with one contact lense. For some reason, contact lenses are something I always have. I seem to collect them over the year and not use them - I have no idea why! As simple as the finish and not as polished as I'd have liked, this worked a treat! It was pretty fun to do and took me around 40 minutes, so it's not time consuming at all!

What did you go as for Halloween?
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