Saturday, 12 November 2016


Before I get into this review, this is my new holy grail. I am in LOVE. Because I have blue hair, my hair has been bleached one too many times, and all home done. So as a result of that, my hair can look a little sad, lifeless, dry and a bit flat. This product alone seems to diminish all those problems and I am forever in debt to Lee Stafford (my hair says thank you). This product is simple and easy to use as it can be used on dry or wet hair, so play around until you find a way that works best for your hair. I use a small amount - a little goes a long way - and I smother it all over my wet hair before drying. I simply smooth my fingers over the product and it melts into my fingers, which makes it easy to spread over the hair. Be careful not to use too much - I have fallen victim to that too many times and greasy locks aren't cute. I concentrate on the ends of my hair as that's where it's most dry and needs the most protection.
I then dry my hair with a hair dryer as usual, and put my hair in a way so that it's curly when I wake up. When I wake up he next day, I am greeted with soft, thick hair. It really is a miracle product and how I've gone so long without it I literally have no idea. It gives such life and bounce into my hair that I can't seem to describe. Me and this Coconut Balm are now best friends and inseparable, and I carry it everywhere I go as I never want to stay at a friends and be without it. The idea horrifies me. If you have bleached hair like mine, I couldn't recommend this enough - it's fantastic. 

Grab this from Boots for £6.99 here,
but always check in for Lee Stafford offers on Boots!
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