Monday, 14 November 2016


When I was invited to Makeup Revolution's second party of the year, I couldn't say no. Their 2nd Birthday party, which you can read here, was incredible - it was going to be difficult to top it. Their venue, event and goody bags were phenomenal last year so I was coming to the event with high expectations as they had raised the bar so high because of their previous bash. This event wasn't just a Halloween party but their freedom final. This event held the promise of goody bags, cocktails, the freedom final and a party according to our home-sent invites, so me and many other bloggers were drumming up hype on social media, a lot of us excited for what the goody bags held as their last ones from the previous event were amazing. You can also see my vampire makeup for the event here.
The venue was decked out amazingly! The swanky venue had some amazing Halloween touches that I was discovering all through the evening. On arrival I was handed a fruity alcoholic beverage which was lovely, and there was also an open bar if we fancied any thing else during the evening. I loved that we could get up close and personal with their products, just like the previous event, however some areas weren't as lit as others, so it was hard to get a proper look - but I guess dim lighting was needed for an extra spooky feel!
The food on the night was exceptional! The waiters were constantly handing out an array of canapes and always making sure everyone didn't go hungry. Hilariously I became friends with a waiter as I obviously love food, so he was coming over tempting me with food before anyone else. After an hour of chatting, eating and drinking, it was time to meet the finalists. 
It was lovely to meet the finalists, and it was so much fun being able to see their amazing looks in person. Each one of them are insanely talented, and each one was as humble as the other, talking about how appreciative they were for getting so far. After meeting them we had a chance to vote. It was so lovely that we had an input on who the winner would be! After another hour of drinking and dancing, it was time to announce the winner. Lorna, the girl with half a skull painted on her face, was the winner! She won £20,000 with the others also winning a generous £1000. Each of them looked amazing and it was truly hard to work out who was going to win! After the winner was announced, I unfortunately had to go home as I had a long train journey ahead of me. As we left we were handed some sweets and a pompom key ring which was a nice touch,
A few days after the event I noticed I had missed out on getting my hands on some makeup revolution products at the event which I was gutted about - I didn't realised there were opportunities to get anything - so I'm upset that I couldn't review some products for you all! Regardless of that, the event was brilliant. Makeup Revolution know how to party, and Adam is super lovely in person. It's great seeing that the person behind the brand genuinely cares about their customers and bloggers, it makes me want to stay loyal to the brand and continue to use their products.
Thanks again to Makeup Revolution for going above and beyond, your bash was just as good as your two year party - so here's to many more years ahead!


  1. Looks like a lovely event... I was invited to this by posted invitation too, but unfortunately I was going away the next day and live up North too. I met Adam a few years ago, when he launched Makeup Revolution and he is super lovely and nice, although I was quiet because my social anxiety got the better of me. Funnily enough my partner knows the auntie of the girl who woman the freedom competition too lol. Looks like a lovely event and makes me excited to see what's next to come from these ever-growing brands xx

    Kate @ A British Sparkle

    1. Shame you couldn't make it - It was sooo much fun! Hopefully I'll get to meet you at a future event held by Makeup Revolution! :D xxx


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