Wednesday, 16 November 2016


I adore this palette, and it's my current go-to autumn eye shadow palette. The pigmentation in these shadows do not reflect the £6.99 price tag at all, as these are super blendable and the pigmentaion is insane. Whenever I want to use a red toned matte shadow, I always reach for this palette. Vogue, Trend, New-tral and Tone are all incredible matte red hued shadows. If you want to see a full in depth review of this palette, you can see the swatches all here. I wanted to create an evening look with both light and dark shades!
I began using Partial all over the lid, and then added Tone in the crease and corners. I then layered on Strong in the corners and blended out to create more depth. I have hooded eyes, so it's really hard to get eyeshadow looking half nice sometimes. Also, winged liner tends to get lost in my eyelids due to not having much of an eyelid. As you can see in the photo below my crease starts very close to my lash line, so I have to cheat my crease by using darker shades higher than my actual lid crease. I then swept Tone and Strong underneath my eyes and blended it out. I then added winger linger, my brows, mascara and fake lashes - because you know I love fake lashes!
Overall, I love this look! It's dark, but not too dark! The softness of the shade Partial gives it a more day time feel, but the dark crimsons suggest that it can be worn through to the evening! I adore this palette, and for £6.99 you really can't complain!

You can grab this palette here for £6.99!
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