Monday, 28 November 2016


I've always used eyeshadow for my brows, and I've never strayed from that. I'm very late on the pomade train but I felt like it was now time to switch things up a bit and give new products a try. I tend to stick to what I know and love, so I was unsure of how this was going to pan out. Before we dive into the review, I can say that I will no longer go back to a eyeshadow for my brow again!
The pot is small and portable and has a standard screw-on screw-off lid. I use a normal eyebrow brush for application as this doesn't come with a mini one like some others. I don't usually care for travel sized brushes so this wasn't a fault for me. I picked up the Brunette as it matched well with my roots. When I had no roots and all blue hair I'd tend to go for something darker. The product is smooth and easy to apply, gliding onto the brows well. It's easy to blend if you're into the ombre look which I tend to go for, but it's equally good at creating a bold shape if that's what you like. When swatched onto my arm it didn't budge at all, and needed a serious scrub with a makeup wipe to get it off. On the brows however it can rub off a little with contact, but it's barely noticeable. It lasts all day and my eyebrows always look as good as it did when first applied! It's easy to get off at the end of the day with a face wash and needs little scrubbing that way.
Overall, I wont be going back to a shadow again! The NYX Tame & Frame provides crisp lines and bold colour, while keeping it natural or as prominent as you choose. It's now a staple in my makeup back!

You can grab this from Feel Unique for £5.50 here.
How affordable is that?
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