Saturday, 10 December 2016


I love glitter - especially at Christmas! I've made a promise to myself that glitter needs to be in my look everyday for the whole of December - and I've done that! Adding glitter to your look is super easy to do and is also very affordable. You can add a little in the inner corners, layered on top of winged liner or eyeshadow, on your lips - or as I've done. All over the lid! I use the Stargazer glitter glue which is only a couple of pounds. I'll do a review on that very soon when I grab another tube - Mine's looking a bit dirty and well loved!
When doing a glitter eye all over the lid, I don't always do a transition shade. However this time I decided to as it tricks people into thinking I have a crease! I used a orange toned brown for this look to transition to bring out the blue in my eyes. I did this first so I was able to put the glitter on top. I used the applicator from the glue all over the lid, and popped on a mixture of glitters with a flat eyeshadow brush. I never stick to one glitter as I feel mixing glitters together creates dimension and makes the look a little more interesting. When I wore this to work, I had countless compliments on where I got my glitter from! I never buy expensive glitters and they're usually stuff from the pound shop. I'm not condoning this as they're not eye safe - So do use this at your own risk!
I topped the look off with some lashes, my brows done with the NYX Tame & Frame (review here), and the MAC Rihanna lipstick (review here). I added some lashes, mascara, then Revolt from the Electric Plaette by Urban Decay (review here) under the lashes. The amazing thing with glitter is that you can achieve a beautiful, eye catching and professional look without having to have precision and money! I find it really easy and quick to do also, as I find throwing on glitter onto the lid easier and faster than blending shadows and applying a winged liner!

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