Monday, 19 December 2016


A little while ago I was asked if I wanted to try out these Salon Science hair products. I jumped at the chance as I'm trying so hard to find the perfect products for my hair. Because my hair has been bleached (One too many times I must admit), it's hard to make my hair look and feel healthy on a daily basis. When I was sent a few products, which were lovingly picked out for my hair type, I couldn't to dive in, and I was secretly hoping that these would be the answer to all my hair prayers.
I actually hadn't heard of Salon Science before so I was super excited to see what they had to offer. I was kindly gifted the Retextuluxe Shampoo and Conditioner partnered with the Hydrasorb Intensive Masque to try as my hair is dry and lifeless. I gave the products a fair few weeks to really put them to the test, but the beautiful thing about trying hair care is that you see instant results! Hurrah!
First off, I'm one of those people that sniff the bottles on the shelves. I don't want anything chemically or overpowering, and these were very delicately scented which I loved. For some reason overly perfumed hair products puts me straight off at the moment! I started off with the shampoo first by popping a two pence sized amount into my hair. It lathered up beautifully and washed off great too. I found this was gentle on my hair and didn't leave my hair feeling stripped of moisture like some other shampoos can. Because it's a gentle shampoo you could easily get away with skipping the conditioner if you were in a hurry. The matching conditioner is also just as brilliant. I need a small amount to cover my hair, focusing on the ends. The conditioner is light too, which is perfect. I find that some moisturising conditioners can be heavy on my hair and leaves it looking lifeless, but this conditioner was moisturising as well as light on the hair which gives my hair body and bounce,
Even though the shampoo and conditioner are divine, the stand out product for me is the Hydrabsorb Intensive Masque. It's perfect. It tingles on the scalp which I really, really like. I leave this on for about 20 minutes while I'm shaving and all that great stuff, and after rinsing my hair feels cleansed, moisturised and ready for the day ahead. I've never come across a hair masque that focuses on the scalp, so I'd definitely recommend giving this a go. I'm trying to grow my roots out as bleaching my hair as ruined my hair, so this is great for helping grow your hair out and give your scalp the foundations it needs for healthy, happy hair!
If you're looking for a change in your hair care, I'd recommend checking out Salon Science. I wasn't let down at all by their products, and I was completely blown away with the Hydrabsorb Hair Masque! The products are all affordable and are available from Boots!

You can see the full range from Boots here
or on their own website here.
You can grab the Retextuluxe Shampoo here for £11 here,
The Retexuluxe Conditioner for £12 here.
And the Hydrabsorb Hair Masque here for £14.
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