Tuesday, 18 April 2017


I've never really been big on fake nails. I've tried a few in the past, but I've never come out the other end wanting to give it another go anytime soon. For some reason these glittery nails caught my eye - I'm a magpie! I don't know what made me decide to pick these up, but I'm so glad I did. Since wearing them, I've had loads of compliments on where I got them from. Because of that, I thought it'd be best to write a post on what I thought of them, the wear time, and where they're from.
I actually picked these up from Savers, a discount shop in the UK, for a bargain price of £2.99. I actually haven't found these there since, but I have directed people that way when they've complimented me on my nails when I've been on the tills at work! Just like most Elegant Touch nails, these come with nail glue, nail stickers and a nail file. You can choose between the glue or the stickers depending on how long you want them on for. I usually file around the ends of the fake nails a touch, just to smooth the plastic down. I make sure my nails are oil free with a swipe of nail varnish remover pads and then I'm good to go. After working out which size nails to use, I dab a little glue on each nails and press way. It's really that simple! They dry pretty much instantly, but too quick that you can't press the nail on in time. I'm not that great at wearing fake nails, and these nails are more on the long side! If you're not into super long nails these may be a little hard to handle, but after a couple of days I was used to them. Despite them being a little too long for me, they're way too pretty for me to not wear them because of that!
These lasted on my nails for 5 days before they began to pop off, but they're easy to reapply if needs be. I didn't do a lot in the 5 days of wear, so if you're a busy bee then maybe bring the glue on the go in case of any naughty nails trying to make their escape. If you can't find them at your local Savers they're worth the £6 that they're on sale for currently on Asos.

These are currently on sale at Asos for £6.00!
You can get them here.
Original price £8.99.
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017


I was invited down to the opening of Bar & Beyond in Norwich a couple of weeks ago, and I was super excited to see what it looked like. I had heard about the opening for this club for a couple of weeks before, so I was thrilled to be invited down to see what all the fuss was all about! I'm always on the look out for a new place to go out in Norwich, and this place is now on the top of the list!
The inside is pretty cool - It looks arty and industrial at the same time. The striped down interior and interesting features makes this place stand out amongst the other clubs on Prince of Wales. It's quirky, and fun without being pretentious. On arrival the staff were instantly bubbly and approachable, answering any questions we had about their opening. I came to the event with Laura, Laura and Shelley. I'd met them at previous events, but it was really lovely to get to know them in a relaxed environment with tasty drinks! I adored getting to know the girls a little better, and the evening we had at Bar & Beyond is one I'll remember for a while! The great thing about this venue is that you can chill out in the bar area, have a few drinks and a catch up, and then head into the back where the club is for some serious partying.
I absolutely love the bulbs above the window, it was the first thing I was attracted too! I honestly adore the decor and I fell in love as soon as I walked in. As I said previously, the venue is split into two. The first part you walk into is the bar and lounge. The lounge is perfect for grabbing some yummy food and drinking a fruity cocktail while catching up with friends. Once you're done eating and chilling, you can make your way through the the club area where you can have a dance. There's an option for a booth also, so if you're planning on a big night out I'd recommend a booth. There a ground floor and downstairs to the club area, so plenty of room for a boogie! We had a booth for the evening and we were so well looked after! A lovely lady looked after our table and made sure that we were having a great night.
The food on the night was fantastic! We were treated to the large platter which had a bit of everything! It was so yummy and I'll definitely be back again. You can see the full food menu here. The absolute star of the evening had to be the cocktails. I am a cocktail girl through and through, and I wasn't left disappointed. I manage to try a fair few cocktails and ended up going to work the next day feeling a little worse for wear, but it was totally worth it! There's a cocktail for everyone, so if cocktails are your thing (And if there not, there's other options!) then I would recommend Bar & Beyond - The cocktails are to die for. Also if you manage to swing by between 5pm-10pm, there's 50% off drinks - Hurrah!
Overall, if you're looking for a good night, I'd recommend Bar & Beyond. It's about time Norwich had a great place to party, and this didn't let me down! It met all my expectations and I'm so happy that it did. I'm already excited for my next night out here. If you love a drink and a boogie, head down to Bar & Beyond.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


I was asked by the lovely Sophie if I would be interesting in doing a fashion collaboration with her, and already being familiar with her work, I jumped at the chance. I was immediately flattered as all her photos are super lovely. I've done a few shoots before, but mainly with close friends so I was slightly nervous. I'm not the most confident with how I look so I was worried about being awkward in front of the camera, but Sophie was beyond lovely and made me feel comfortable straight away. Sophie suggested taking photos in the lanes in Norwich, and I couldn't be more happier with how they've turned out. We already have an exciting project in March, which I am so excited for! For this shoot we made the coat the main focus, and I bought this adorable top because it went so well with the fur trim. If you want to see all of the final photos from the shoot you can see them on Sophie's website here, or blog here. You can also see all her work from various shoots here - She's super talented! All clothes will be linked below. 

I'm so over the moon that she asked me to do this, and I'm so excited for our shout in March. A massive thank you to Sophie for these lovely photos - it's given me a little boost in my confidence. I hope you enjoy the photos! You can find Sophie on Twitter @Sophieephotos 

Jacket - New Look
Top - H&M
Shoes - Dr Martens

Sunday, 8 January 2017


A couple weeks ago now Jarrold's held a Mac event after hours for bloggers to get up, close and personal with the Mac brand. I've loved Mac for many years now, and there's something special about the brand. I can remember purchasing my first Mac lipstick when I was in my second year of College, and it seemed such a big deal and a triumph at the time. Since then my love for Mac hasn't dulled, and I was way too excited to see What Jarrold's had in store for us. Also I apologise as there will be more pictures than writing in this post - Everything was so pretty!
On arrival we were greeted with smiley, friendly Mac staff, Prosecco and snacks! What more could a girl want? Drinks, snacks and surrounded by makeup. The food was beautiful with an array of different cakes and sweets. The drink was topped up throughout the evening which was a lovely and unexpected bonus!
After a bite of cake and catching up with new and friendly blogger faces, the staff at Mac told us what the evening had in store. There were mini tutorials going on throughout the evening, and we had opportunities to speak to the girls, try out products, get recommendations and get up and close with the products. It was so lovely to get to know the Mac girls, as I know Mac can be slightly intimidating at times due to the overwhelming amount of products that they have. I now know - and actually have a fair few times since the event - come into the store and know that I can ask any questions that I fancy. The girls are all so welcoming and so beautiful!
It was lovely to test out the products in an quiet environment as I now have sooo many products that I want! I've known for a while that Mac extended their lipstick range and I've been dying to have a look, so it was so cool to look at all the amazing shades and textures! I mean look at that deep purple with the teal shimmer - how mermaidy!
It was lovely to try out the new perfumes too, inspired by the famous Mac lipsticks. Candy Yum Yum was my favourite with a sweet and fruity smell. The lipsticks I believe are limited edition so if you like the packaging of those grab them while you can - The perfume is currently permanent though! I also learnt that the perfume is Eau De Parfume which means it will last longer on the skin,
One of the tutorials was this super pretty mermaid lip! I mean look at how beautiful that looks! I'm planning on recreating a similar look pretty soon. I was also involved in the smokey eye tutorial after showing interest in being shown how to do a smokey eye with a little colour. I loved the navy smokey eye and ended up buying the glittery shade that was on my lids which I'm sure I'll do a product review for very soon!

Overall I had an amazing time, and a huge shout out to the lovely Holly that made all this happen. It was such a fun evening and it's lovely to have built a relationship with a brand that I love. I now have soooo many products on my list, which I'll be coming in to buy soon!