Sunday, 8 January 2017


A couple weeks ago now Jarrold's held a Mac event after hours for bloggers to get up, close and personal with the Mac brand. I've loved Mac for many years now, and there's something special about the brand. I can remember purchasing my first Mac lipstick when I was in my second year of College, and it seemed such a big deal and a triumph at the time. Since then my love for Mac hasn't dulled, and I was way too excited to see What Jarrold's had in store for us. Also I apologise as there will be more pictures than writing in this post - Everything was so pretty!
On arrival we were greeted with smiley, friendly Mac staff, Prosecco and snacks! What more could a girl want? Drinks, snacks and surrounded by makeup. The food was beautiful with an array of different cakes and sweets. The drink was topped up throughout the evening which was a lovely and unexpected bonus!
After a bite of cake and catching up with new and friendly blogger faces, the staff at Mac told us what the evening had in store. There were mini tutorials going on throughout the evening, and we had opportunities to speak to the girls, try out products, get recommendations and get up and close with the products. It was so lovely to get to know the Mac girls, as I know Mac can be slightly intimidating at times due to the overwhelming amount of products that they have. I now know - and actually have a fair few times since the event - come into the store and know that I can ask any questions that I fancy. The girls are all so welcoming and so beautiful!
It was lovely to test out the products in an quiet environment as I now have sooo many products that I want! I've known for a while that Mac extended their lipstick range and I've been dying to have a look, so it was so cool to look at all the amazing shades and textures! I mean look at that deep purple with the teal shimmer - how mermaidy!
It was lovely to try out the new perfumes too, inspired by the famous Mac lipsticks. Candy Yum Yum was my favourite with a sweet and fruity smell. The lipsticks I believe are limited edition so if you like the packaging of those grab them while you can - The perfume is currently permanent though! I also learnt that the perfume is Eau De Parfume which means it will last longer on the skin,
One of the tutorials was this super pretty mermaid lip! I mean look at how beautiful that looks! I'm planning on recreating a similar look pretty soon. I was also involved in the smokey eye tutorial after showing interest in being shown how to do a smokey eye with a little colour. I loved the navy smokey eye and ended up buying the glittery shade that was on my lids which I'm sure I'll do a product review for very soon!

Overall I had an amazing time, and a huge shout out to the lovely Holly that made all this happen. It was such a fun evening and it's lovely to have built a relationship with a brand that I love. I now have soooo many products on my list, which I'll be coming in to buy soon!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


It's now a new year, and if you're looking for a change in your skincare routine, look no further. Anyone that knows me well, knows I am never without my Magnitone. After reviewing my first Magnitone over a year ago (Which you can read here), I am never without it. I have no idea how I managed 22 years without it! It's a staple for people who love skincare, and it really does make such a difference to my daily routine. Before I reviewed my first one I had no idea what the fuss was all about and thought that my life wasn't missing anything crucial - However this goes in my bag whenever I stay over someones and I can tell the difference when I don't use it. This Magnitone Barefaced! cleansing brush is the exact same as my previous review, but it's a gorgeous rose metallic shade! Since using it for a year it's great to revisit products as I can give a more in depth review. You can grab this from your nearest Boots so it's easy to get a hold of.
First off, what is it? It's a basically a brush for your face. It has two settings, one which stays vibrating and beeps when to move on to your next area of the face, and the other setting pulses quickly which is a work out for your face. It's simple to use with one button, and you click it on for the continuous vibrations, again for the pulsing, and then again to switch it off. It also switches itself off after you've done your sections so there's no need to faff around with switching it off.
As I mentioned briefly, it beeps when to move onto the next area of your face. It has 20 seconds for each area focusing on your T-Zone, cheeks and neck. The pulsating setting has the exact same cycle too. When I'm using the brush 9/10 times I use the first setting, pop a little bit of face wash on the brush, and add a little water. The bristles are super soft and don't at all tug or scratch the skin. There's also no need to press hard with the brush as the bristles do all the work, lathering up the product and cleansing your face.
With over a year of using the Magnitone I can say that my blemishes have become almost nonexistent and my pores are less clogged. I'll happily go about my daily errands in the city with no foundation on which I can say never happened a year a go! Doing this before bed means I'll wake up with a beautifully smooth face, ready for my makeup!
Because it's waterproof, it has a magnetic charger which is really cool! It pops onto the handle of the Magnitone with no adaptor going inside the brush, which makes it so easy to charge! As you can see in the above picture the white bit on the handle is the charger which is held in place by a magnet. There's also a little white wire you pop in the bottom and then into a USB plug. The white oval easily comes off when you need to hop into the shower with your Magnitone. When first getting your Magnitone they suggets that you pop in on charge for 8 hours. But ones it's charged up I don't need to change it again for around two weeks.

Overal, after a year of continuous use I see a massive difference and I am never without it. I constantly recommend it to other people and it genuinely is an investment product. After a year of using it's not lost any power and is still as powerful as the moment I first switched it on. The great thing about this is that you can use it with any face wash that you choose, and it gives a deeper clean. It's a standout product for me, and something I am so happy to come across. Doing it before bed means I wake up with the perfect canvas for my makeup.
You can grab this particular shade from Boots here for a discounted prize currently, making it a steal at £55. There's other colours to choose from also if you're not a fan of pink. There's a beautiful gold and some pretty pastels too. You can also buy different heads if you want a fresh new one or a different style.

You can grab it from Boots here
for £55 currently (usually £70).
Thanks for reading!

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