Tuesday, 28 March 2017


I was invited down to the opening of Bar & Beyond in Norwich a couple of weeks ago, and I was super excited to see what it looked like. I had heard about the opening for this club for a couple of weeks before, so I was thrilled to be invited down to see what all the fuss was all about! I'm always on the look out for a new place to go out in Norwich, and this place is now on the top of the list!
The inside is pretty cool - It looks arty and industrial at the same time. The striped down interior and interesting features makes this place stand out amongst the other clubs on Prince of Wales. It's quirky, and fun without being pretentious. On arrival the staff were instantly bubbly and approachable, answering any questions we had about their opening. I came to the event with Laura, Laura and Shelley. I'd met them at previous events, but it was really lovely to get to know them in a relaxed environment with tasty drinks! I adored getting to know the girls a little better, and the evening we had at Bar & Beyond is one I'll remember for a while! The great thing about this venue is that you can chill out in the bar area, have a few drinks and a catch up, and then head into the back where the club is for some serious partying.
I absolutely love the bulbs above the window, it was the first thing I was attracted too! I honestly adore the decor and I fell in love as soon as I walked in. As I said previously, the venue is split into two. The first part you walk into is the bar and lounge. The lounge is perfect for grabbing some yummy food and drinking a fruity cocktail while catching up with friends. Once you're done eating and chilling, you can make your way through the the club area where you can have a dance. There's an option for a booth also, so if you're planning on a big night out I'd recommend a booth. There a ground floor and downstairs to the club area, so plenty of room for a boogie! We had a booth for the evening and we were so well looked after! A lovely lady looked after our table and made sure that we were having a great night.
The food on the night was fantastic! We were treated to the large platter which had a bit of everything! It was so yummy and I'll definitely be back again. You can see the full food menu here. The absolute star of the evening had to be the cocktails. I am a cocktail girl through and through, and I wasn't left disappointed. I manage to try a fair few cocktails and ended up going to work the next day feeling a little worse for wear, but it was totally worth it! There's a cocktail for everyone, so if cocktails are your thing (And if there not, there's other options!) then I would recommend Bar & Beyond - The cocktails are to die for. Also if you manage to swing by between 5pm-10pm, there's 50% off drinks - Hurrah!
Overall, if you're looking for a good night, I'd recommend Bar & Beyond. It's about time Norwich had a great place to party, and this didn't let me down! It met all my expectations and I'm so happy that it did. I'm already excited for my next night out here. If you love a drink and a boogie, head down to Bar & Beyond.