Tuesday, 15 August 2017


When I first saw this, I HAD to have it. There was no way I was going to let this out of my sight. I picked this up from Boots, but I can only find it available online at Superdrug, so grab this here while you can for £11.
I had seen this on Trendmood (If you don't follow her on Instagram what are you doing?) and knew I had to have it when it was released in stores. I don't think it was available for very long, maybe a month or so, so can only assume that it was incredibly popular. I'm already a huge fan of their highlighters, especially their Solstice Highlighting Palette which I reviewed almost a year ago. I've hit pan on that palette now, but I've moved that aside for a hot minute to make way for this beautiful palette.
Sleek describes this highlighting palette has a mixture of creams and powders with holographic and reflective pigments. This palette has three creams and two powders, but I wouldn't describe this palette as holographic. It has a iridescent glow that really makes your skin look like it's glowing, almost radioactive looking. I adore that there are three creams in here. I softly apply them with a beauty blender on top of foundation to try and not disturb the foundation underneath. If I'm feeling a little extra, I'll apply the powder on top. If I don't do that, I just wear the cream or powder as is. 
Top left, top right and middle swatch.
Bottom left and bottom right swatch.

The creams and shadows are equally as pigmented, packed full of iridescent shimmer that really show up on the skin. Both creams and shadows blend beautifully well, just be aware that blending the creams over foundation can be a little difficult, so you have to be gentle and work at it. My favourite shade in the palette is the bottom left, a really pretty violet hue. The highlighters last around the 6/7 hours mark on me, fading slowly throughout the day. 
I love the ethereal glow that the shades give. It gives a bright pastel glow that isn't too 'Oh my goodness is that blue on her cheeks?', with the highlighter being very soft. I reach for this palette and the Solstice the most at the moment for highlighters. I reach for this when I want to match a glittery eye look with my cheeks, and then the Solstice palette on my more natural days. 
For anyone wanting an inexpensive interesting highlighting palette, this is the one. And also if you're wanting to jump on the iridescent and holographic wagon, I'd recommend adding this to your collection and having a play around before splurging on a more expensive palette, such as the Kat Von D palette.
You can grab this from Superdrug
for £11 online here.
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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I've tinted my brows many times before, mainly using hair dye (Do not recommend!), so I felt it was time to invest in a proper DIY brow tinting kit. I love and trust Eylure and have used their products for as long as I can remember. You can pick up the Dybrow kit from almost any drug store for around the £7.50 mark, with Eylure usually being in 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price.
It's really simple to use. I always get a little freaked out with things like this, but follow the instructions and you'll be fine. The aim is to make a paste between the two liquids. You want it to be thick enough and liquidy enough to spread evenly across the brows. To add the paste to the brows I used an angle brush to get a defined line as I would usually do when doing my makeup. I found this the easiest approach. I've seen people use cotton tips too, so that could also be a choice.
It suggests to leave the solution on for as little as 5 minutes, but I leave mine for 10 to get it as dark as I possibly could. After 10 minutes I got a wet cotton pad and swept it over my brows to get the product off my skin.

I am so impressed with how it turned out, and it was perfect for my holiday. I was able to just use a brow gel and keep them looking full and shaped with the tint alone. I go swimming 3 times a week so this is perfect for giving me brows with no makeup on. As you can see in the before shot, I have very light and spars looking brows! It claims to last up to 6 weeks, but for me I'd say it got to the 3 week mark before I had to think about reapplying. I would repurchase this over and over again, and after 2 months in I still have a lot of product left, so I could see myself holding onto this for 6 months before needing to repurchase.

You can grab this online at Superdrug for 
£7.50 here or in your local Boots
and Superdrug.
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