Saturday, 26 August 2017


When I stepped into Debenhams in London with a friend a week a go, I had no idea I was going to be returning to Norwich with one of the most beautiful palettes I've seen. I hadn't used or seen anything from Kat Von D in the flesh, so when I saw this in the corner of my eye I had to swatch it. Kayleigh and I oohed and aahed over the pigmentation and I knew I had to have it. When I asked if it was limited and how much it was, I had to have it at the affordable £32 price tag knowing that I wouldn't be able to get it online. I knew if I had gone home without it, I would've regretted it. To give myself another excuse to buy it, I realised I don't have any pastel matte shades, so this would fill a gap in my growing palette collection.
The packaging is so stunning. All her products are uniform and looked gorgeous on the shelves, and knowing that Kat Von D puts so much thought into each product design gives me extra respect for her and extra love for the palette. I love the rainbow ombre text at the front and how the colours are laid out in the pan. Usually with palettes I would have a couple of favourites and possibly a few I'm not that bothered about, but every shade in this palette is strong and I adore them all.
Star, Clementine, Meow & Dope.
Doom, Gloom, Dagger & Skull.

As you can see, these swatch like a dream. They're insanely pigmented and the colour is popping! The formula is on the powdery side, but I don't say that as a negative as that's usually the case with mattes, and these apply smoothly and blend out so easily. Not only do they perform well, I've honestly never seen a palette like it. Each colour seems unique and I know that this is an investment and an extension to my palette collection. I'm guilty of sticking to the same palettes (Naked palettes I'm looking at you), but even though they're beautiful, they're not quite as unique as this. As you can see below the shades blend beautifully together, and they're soft enough to create a barely there pastel look, but also pigmented enough to pack on and create an impact. 
Unfortunately I am struggling to find a decent place to purchase this in the UK online, but as I only bought it a week ago in the Oxford Street Debenhams, I would say that's the place to get it. For £32, this is a steal. If you love pastel shades or simply want to jazz up your collection, grab this if you're passing - You wont regret it.

Grab this from the Oxford Street
Debenhams Kat Von D counter for £32.
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